Milo Junior Tennis Cup National Finals

This is the final leg of the Milo Junior Tennis Series the battle of the champions. I’ll be representing NCR and Luzon because I both won the 12 and under title in the NCR and Luzon Qualifying. I’ll be competing with the Visayas and Mindanao champion

The winner of this event will represent the Philippines and will be part of the Philippine team that will compete in the Malaysian Junior International Series this coming November – December.

The champion from Mindanao didn’t shop up so It will be me and the Visayan champ in the finals. I trained hard for this tournament I really want it bad, I want to be part of the Philippine team again.

I won a championship last year in Malaysia in the 10 under category and I want to try my skills this time in the 12 under division although I’m only 11 I believe that I can still win medals in Malaysia. I’ll be facing up with Visayas champ Ashley Balatero she is more experienced than me and older than a year but I was more determined to win and earn my spot. As planned I won the championship and a spot in the Philippine team I won 6-0,6-2 in the finals.


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