Monthly Archives March 2016

Cebuana Lhuillier Age-group San Pablo

This is one of the most memorable tournament this year so far. I was playing sick in my semis match I thought I’m gonna collapse in the 2nd set. 

I was about to give up but still I know what’s on the line I just cruised until the end of 2nd set and seized the opportunity in the 3rd set to win the match. I had a 1 day rest before the finals...

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Palawan Pawnshop Age-group Lucena

Palawan Pawnshop age-group Lucena leg mark the start of the tournament season. My goal this year is to be included in the World Juniors Philippine Team. I had to win atleast 10 group 2 tournaments and be ranked 3rd in the country to be included in the team. It’s a good start for my campaign in winning the 14 under Palawan Pawnshop age-group Lucena leg.

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