CHAMPION of the Selangor-Genting International Age-group 2013

Yes I won my first INTERNATIONAL JUNIOR TITLE. I’m the 2013 Selangor-Genting International Age-group 10 under girls CHAMPION :). I won against the no. 1 rank player in Malaysia 4-1,4-0. I’m very happy and proud to bring honor to my family and country. It’s the 1st leg of the 4 leg Malaysian International Junior Circuit where players from Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, Uzbekhistan, Turkemenistan, South Aftrica, Korea, Japan, Hongkong, Thailand, Indonesia and Philippines are competing in different age-group categories.

receiving my GOLD medal, 200 ringgits and nestle products 🙂

with my doubles partner from Turkemenistan

IMG_1056 Happy to receive my GOLD and Bronze medals

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