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2012 Age-group Tournaments

2012 was Gaby’s first time to compete full time although she missed some tournaments in the last quarter of the year. She started it by joining Andrada Cup in January and entered her last tournament in October by joining the Dunlop Age-group in Cavite.  It was the year of many first time, It was her first time to compete in 6 consecutive tournaments during the summer season.  She  also experienced to play in different weather conditions like coming from a hot manila weather  in Cainta and going to Baguio the following week and going back again to scorching hot weather in Angeles, Pampanga. It took a toll on her,  she retired from her semifinals match in Milo Clark due to heat exhaustion.

Palawan Pawnshop Age-group Cainta Rizal 2012Palawan Pawnshop Age-group Cainta, Rizal (April 2012)

Juntaphil Age-group Baguio City 2012Juntaphil Baguio Age-group (April 2012)

Milo Clark Age-group 2012R...

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2011 Age-group Tournaments

2011, at age 8 Gaby started to compete in national age-group tournaments after attending the Milo summer tennis clinic in Lucena. She first joined the Toby’s National age-group in Rizal Memorial Tennis Center and after that First Gen National age-group also in Rizal Memorial Tennis Center and ended up joining 8 more tournaments that year including 3 school meets in Lucena.

Milo Clark Age-group 2011Gaby’s first age-group tournament outside Manila. Milo Clark age-group in Angeles, Pampanga (July 2011)

Lucena City Age-group 2011Gaby’s first taste of victory although she lost in the finals not bad for a beginner 🙂 (August 2011)

Prince age-group 2011Prince Age-group 2011 in Imus Tennis Club Cavite (October 2011)

1st Age-groupGaby’s second finals of the year and she got it 12 & under champion (November 2011)

Milo 8 & under runner-upGaby’s runner-up finish in the 1st Milo 8 & under National Age-group...

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