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2011 Age-group Tournaments

2011, at age 8 Gaby started to compete in national age-group tournaments after attending the Milo summer tennis clinic in Lucena. She first joined the Toby’s National age-group in Rizal Memorial Tennis Center and after that First Gen National age-group also in Rizal Memorial Tennis Center and ended up joining 8 more tournaments that year including 3 school meets in Lucena.

Milo Clark Age-group 2011Gaby’s first age-group tournament outside Manila. Milo Clark age-group in Angeles, Pampanga (July 2011)

Lucena City Age-group 2011Gaby’s first taste of victory although she lost in the finals not bad for a beginner 🙂 (August 2011)

Prince age-group 2011Prince Age-group 2011 in Imus Tennis Club Cavite (October 2011)

1st Age-groupGaby’s second finals of the year and she got it 12 & under champion (November 2011)

Milo 8 & under runner-upGaby’s runner-up finish in the 1st Milo 8 & under National Age-group...

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